Delivery Options has 2 main delivery options, giving our customers absolute flexibility of choice. Door-to-door delivery & Free Self Pick Up Points. After your purchase is made via our website, our dedicated logistics team will start working to get your order to you as quickly as possible, without jeopardizing the integrity of your purchase.

Self Pick-Up Points (Free)

Customers can choose to pick up their orders by selecting a scheduled time at the pre-determined and convenient Self Pick-Up Points. The 10 Self Pick Up points are strategically placed around central places in Yangon.

Self Pickup Locations

Collection points & Times Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Daily
Location Insein Park (Nan Tha Myaing Park) Tha Khin Mya Park Mahabandoola Park Carpark Yangon University campus Fun Valley Park (Kantharyar Park) 8 Mile intersection Thingangyun (Starhigh Office)
Time 11:00am -12:00pm 11:00am -12:00pm 11:00am -12:00pm 11:00am -12:00pm 11:00am -12:00pm 11:00am -12:00pm 9am – 5pm
Location Shwe Baho Hospita Mya Kyun Tha Park Entrance Carpark (Beside Inya Lake) Shwe Baho Hospital Mya Kyun Tha Park Entrance Carpark (beside Inya Lake) Toe Kyaung Kalay Railway Station Mahabandoola Park Carpark
Time 04:30pm - 05:30pm 04:30pm - 05:30pm 04:30pm - 05:30pm 04:30pm - 05:30pm 03:30pm - 04:30pm 03:30pm - 04:30pm  

Door-to-door delivery

After selecting door-to-door delivery at checkout, customers will be informed when their products have arrived at Our Yangon Warehouse,

Payment for door-to-door via bank transfer

Customers will be notified to login to pay for the delivery based on size & weight. Once the payment is confirmed via bank transfer, the order is immediately sent out on the next working day to the customer.

Payment for door-to-door via COD

Customers acknowledge that they will be charged accordingly for the delivery based on the Standard Delivery Charges Table*. Customers choosing COD will simply pay the additional door-to-door fees at their doorstep.

Standard Delivery Charges Table

Products are weighed at the Yangon Warehouse. The table below applies to most small-medium sized items. For large Items such as Sofa sets or Furnitures, Our CSO will confirm with you via a phone call on the charges

Yangon Door-to-Door Rates
  • Items Up to 1kg KS 2,000
  • Items between 1kg - 2kg KS 2,500
  • Items between 2kg - 4kg KS 3,000
  • Items between 4kg - 6kg KS 3,500
  • Items between 6kg - 8kg KS 4,300
  • Additional kg after 8kg 500+

There is also an additional 1% insurance fee of the Order cost only,taken by the couriers for the insurance of your goods in the case of any unfortunate mishaps, your order will be fully refunded.

Outside Yangon Door-to-Door Rates
Weight (KG) 0.5 - 1 1 - 1.5 1.5 - 2 2 - 3 3 - 4 4 - 5 5 -6 6 - 7 7 - 8 8 - 9 9 - 10 10 - 15 15 - 20 20 - 25 25 - 30
Price 1950 2600 3250 3900 4550 5200 5850 6500 7150 7800 8450 9750 11050 12350 13650

Refund will be processed within 3 working days.

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